“You’re too sensitive” “You’re being overdramatic” Minds are wired differently. We all know that, don’t we? What you take as a joke, or a bearable situation, can ruin the confidence of others, or increase their distress level. There are people who’d overthink words and situations in their heads until they are suffocated with their thoughts. […]

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I asked myself if it’s really possible to fall in love if you don’t really know the person. And my answer is yes. When I first knew Ace, he was just nothing but a friend to me. After 1 year and a half, I fell for him. Not in love but the type of infatuation […]

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You Are Important

You are important as the rays of the sun that gives life on Earth. From the soil of the Earth to the deepest parts of the sea, your worth can be seen. Without you, the things around you will be different. Especially the closest around your circle. If you were not around, you may never […]

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My cousin told me yesterday that “Love is easy and life is not”  So while stargazing last night, I realized something about the universe. The atoms that made up our bodies, and this planet are found in other planets, and the billion stars in the sky. In other words, all that we see above us […]

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It was hot, but I ran in the horizon anyways.  I was exhausted, but I never complained.  Disappointment down an effort but, I smiled and moved on.  I saw chaos, but damn, I ignored.  There are a lot of things to be sad, but there are more things to be happy about.  You decide on […]

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Rainy Days

If you think I am going to write about rain, no, you are wrong. On days like these, I find myself thinking of Ace. I will write about himーagain. I missed writing about him. I am not going to lie but these days he kept making me smile without him knowing. And I love how […]

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Young Love

I missed writing. I missed you, and I know you missed me too. You’re really cute. I don’t know why you don’t like to be called ‘cute’ because you want handsome. Duh. Haha. When looking at your photos it’s like the whole world slowed down until it finally stopped. It is something subtly flattered in my […]

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Falling in love is uncertain. You will either lose everything or gain that one person that will give you everything.  The only way to get over being afraid is to risk. Just because your relationship ended badly that doesn’t mean that the relationships you will have in the future will be bad too. Risk falling […]

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July 30, 2016

I was very excited because I know that I will meet BTS and Ace. I was really happy that I won to the makeover contest of Happee Hour. I was expecting that I won’t win because my artwork is not that good but luckily, I won.  I was getting worried too when I was in […]

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You must be protected at all cost. You don’t deserve the pain that she gave you. You know what, I’m happy when you said that you’ve moved on already. I was really happy about that. Yes, I’ll be sweet for now. Wala muna laitan at murahan ah? 😂 ー I guess I was wrong. Joke […]

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