Sukat at Tugma

Kung ganap nga akong makata,

at ikaw ang sinta kong tula:

Wala kang sukat,

walang katulad.

Ituturing na malayang-malaya.
Sa mundong magkakatunog

ang mga salita:

Ikaw at ako lang

ang tanging magtutugma.


Alternate Universe Exist

I hope that if alternate universes exist,

It will still be you and me in the end.

I hope that there will always be an us.

In every world, in every story.


It was hot, but I ran in the horizon anyways. 

I was exhausted, but I never complained. 

Disappointment down an effort but, I smiled and moved on. 

I saw chaos, but damn, I ignored. 

There are a lot of things to be sad, but there are more things to be happy about. 

You decide on what road you’ll take. 

For your choice will decide your day,  everyday.