You love words, I love notes. You love poems and books, I love instruments and music too. Both of us love art differently. But it will never be the reason to forget you that easy.  You create stories. I create songs. But let me be the girl that you see in your story and you […]

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Love is patient but I can’t wait to hold your hand, walk with you, lay down as we watch the stars, and drown― with the feeling of love.

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I Wonder

Everytime I look at you, I wonder how could I be so lucky to be with an angel when I was so sure I’m in a living hell.

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I feel like a part of my soul has loved you since the beginning of everything. I was thinking that maybe we are from the same star. Or maybe not? Because when I am looking at the stars, love, I am looking at you. I miss you, ace.

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Doing It My Way

I know there are so many things to be thankful for… and he is one of them. I never really cared about being the best. I never cared about getting better. As long as I am happy. But thinking that being with him made me want to be better. So I could deserve him. So […]

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For the second time..  I saw you. And I am happy. I asked your friends a favor if we can do the sabwat thingy again. Sorry for not telling you, I just want to surprise you again.  I saw the guy who was standing. And I knew it was you. I saw you and I […]

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I asked myself if it’s really possible to fall in love if you don’t really know the person. And my answer is yes. When I first knew Ace, he was just nothing but a friend to me. After 1 year and a half, I fell for him. Not in love but the type of infatuation […]

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My cousin told me yesterday that “Love is easy and life is not”  So while stargazing last night, I realized something about the universe. The atoms that made up our bodies, and this planet are found in other planets, and the billion stars in the sky. In other words, all that we see above us […]

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How do you un-love someone? Someone who is obviously not right for you and committed to somebody else. Loved you and left you twice. How? “How do I stop loving someone?” “How do I un-love someone?” These are the common questions I get asked. If the love is real and it is strong enough to […]

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