My cousin told me yesterday that “Love is easy and life is not” 

So while stargazing last night, I realized something about the universe.

The atoms that made up our bodies, and this planet are found in other planets, and the billion stars in the sky.

In other words, all that we see above us are what we are made of.

Sure, some of them changed because of extreme temperatures, but atoms are still atoms.

I came up with the conclusion that the universe lives inside us and that makes us relevant in this world and that’s all we want, right? To be relevant? To have meaning in life.

I realized that our purpose here in life is just to be happy. You know why? Because when we die, our atoms will just form into new, either living or non living things.

So instead of being sad about someone leaving you or taking you for granted or being sad about your irrelevant love life, just live.

Remember what Ed Sheeran said? You only have till 70 to live then just freakin’ live. 😂


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