You Are Important

You are important as the rays of the sun that gives life on Earth. From the soil of the Earth to the deepest parts of the sea, your worth can be seen.

Without you, the things around you will be different. Especially the closest around your circle. If you were not around, you may never have encouraged them in something that they are scared to try, you may never have loved them to give them strength to fight every day. And you may never have given them the life that they are seeking. 

Wake up and see that you are important in the universe. For without “u”, the universe is just “niverse”.



My cousin told me yesterday that “Love is easy and life is not” 

So while stargazing last night, I realized something about the universe.

The atoms that made up our bodies, and this planet are found in other planets, and the billion stars in the sky.

In other words, all that we see above us are what we are made of.

Sure, some of them changed because of extreme temperatures, but atoms are still atoms.

I came up with the conclusion that the universe lives inside us and that makes us relevant in this world and that’s all we want, right? To be relevant? To have meaning in life.

I realized that our purpose here in life is just to be happy. You know why? Because when we die, our atoms will just form into new, either living or non living things.

So instead of being sad about someone leaving you or taking you for granted or being sad about your irrelevant love life, just live.

Remember what Ed Sheeran said? You only have till 70 to live then just freakin’ live. 😂


It was hot, but I ran in the horizon anyways. 

I was exhausted, but I never complained. 

Disappointment down an effort but, I smiled and moved on. 

I saw chaos, but damn, I ignored. 

There are a lot of things to be sad, but there are more things to be happy about. 

You decide on what road you’ll take. 

For your choice will decide your day,  everyday.

Rainy Days

If you think I am going to write about rain, no, you are wrong. On days like these, I find myself thinking of Ace. I will write about himーagain. I missed writing about him.

I am not going to lie but these days he kept making me smile without him knowing. And I love how effortlessly he can do that, because for me, I know he isn’t awareーalways. He keeps making me blush and feel embarrassed of myself and it is okay for me.

Sometimes I find it hard when I write about him because I feel like I am always running out of words to say and I cannot completely describe what I feel. Whenever I talk to him (sometimes) I cannot think straight because I always end up daydreaming or being boom (sabog haha) but I want that. And I do not care if I embarrassed myself again, I just want him to smile because of me. Now I wonder if I ever did make him smile.. Once? Twice? Thrice?

I never thought I could ever someone like him because baby, that’s the first. He is the reason why I am smiling, even though everything’s gone bad.

Do you know why I want to talk to you all the time? I’d just like to feel a little less dead because you make me feel so alive. (Please do not be annoyed because I love talking to you) Honestly, I miss the times when you told me, “Good morning!” and you were telling that you were going home, that you were crossing the street, that you arrived home safely, and talking how your day wasーI missed it all.

Oh! I am shy to admit but I love it when you told me, “Ang cute mo” . Do you know that when I’m telling you that I missed you my heart is racing too fast and when I pressed the send button my heart stops for a second. I am not sure how to describe it but I felt nervous? 

Anyways, I was not lying when I told you that your words are beautiful because it is really magnificent and too beautiful for me to handle. 

One thing I wanna say, please don’t belittle my feelings. You may not share my feelings but don’t belittle them. We both know that I like you, I love you. I know you always remind me sa ganito ganyan just appreciate what I’m doing hmm? I will be more glad if you do that. (I’m not saying that you belittle my feelings ha )

And Ace, thank you for making me feel that I am cared for and somehow special. It is actually addicting, it was like you formed yourself into my habit like daily coffee cups. But it would be glad if you dip me in your soul and tell me that I’m yours. HAHA CHOS. Thank you for listening about my rants and shts even though it was nonsense. But really, I appreciate you. A lot.

Would you mind staying in my life?