Young Love

I missed writing. I missed you, and I know you missed me too.
You’re really cute. I don’t know why you don’t like to be called ‘cute’ because you want handsome. Duh. Haha.
When looking at your photos it’s like the whole world slowed down until it finally stopped. It is something subtly flattered in my chest. And It is hard to stop because It’s a bit addictive. 

I know I’m nothing to you. I am just the girl who annoys the hell out of you, right? Desperately, hoping that you’d shower me with bits and pieces of your attention, because I know I could never get your whole.

I always smile whenever I think of you. I love this feeling but I love you more. I feel like my chest was tightened as my heart twisted inside. I can’t help it but to smile while typing this. I can’t contain this. I cannot contain my feels. Can’t stop it. I’m going to have you no matter what. Hindi ako papayag na hindi. I will make sure you’ll end up with me, girl. You’ll see. ;)😂



Falling in love is uncertain. You will either lose everything or gain that one person that will give you everything. 

The only way to get over being afraid is to risk. Just because your relationship ended badly that doesn’t mean that the relationships you will have in the future will be bad too.

Risk falling in love.

It is worth every heart break because one day, someone will destroy those walls you have built around you. Day by day they won’t stop and just like that, you have found someone that will take care of you for the rest of your life. 

The only way to find that person is to risk.