July 30, 2016

I was very excited because I know that I will meet BTS and Ace. I was really happy that I won to the makeover contest of Happee Hour. I was expecting that I won’t win because my artwork is not that good but luckily, I won. 

I was getting worried too when I was in the line for entering the venue because I might not see Ace. So I texted him that we’ll meet right after the concert.

So after the concert my friends and I supposed to go to the meeting place where we supposed to go because her mom was waiting for us. Because after the concert we will go to the debut at Cavite. But I’m stubborn so I said to Naomi that I was going to meet Ace, she agreed but we need to make sure that it’s quick because her mom will be angry.

My heart was fluttering with excitement. I was thrilled to see him. I’ve waited for this meeting all morning. While walking and finding the boy who was wearing a baseball bangtan shirt, holding an army bomb, I called Ace. While we were talking on the phone I can’t help it but to smile. It was devastating that we did not meet because there’s no much time. I was really sad while texting him that we will meet next time. Then I looked at the chocolate drink that I’ve bought for Ace. I was a bit sad all the way home, but it’s okay. There’s next time. But next time I will make sure that we will meet.