Me as your girlfriend

I know I’m too young to write this but I want to see what I wrote when I grew up. And of course I’ll be here laughing at my own blog.

  1. You don’t have to take me anywhere fancy for like dates and stuff, because I like staying home and watching movies on my laptop.
  2. Any genre movies all the time.
  3. I am weird when I get comfortable with you.
  4. I love telling jokes and when I joke, I’ll probably the one laughing at my own joke.
  5. I will try to learn and like whatever you love or doing.
  6. I am loyal. I’ll give you my all which I’ll probably regret in the end but I won’t think about it in the moment because I will think it’s worth it but it is actually not and you will prove me wrong in the end.
  7. You’ll get to hang out with my awesome friends. Yay.
  8. You’ll get to meet my awesome clan of the family and for a while it might be awkward but afterwards, I guarantee, you will be treated like family  as much as possible.
  9. I will send you random (and ugly, mind you) selfies whenever I feel it, so get ready to be bombarded.
  10. I will give anything you need.
  11. I’ll imitate you so you’ll be annoyed.
  12. I will be completely honest and straight-forward with you and tell you everything.
  13. I will surprise you all the time if I’m not lazy.
  14. If I am lazy, you can be lazy too, so we’ll be lazy together.
  15. I’m sweet.
  16. I will dance and sing out of nowhere.
  17. If you’re busy I’ll make lambing to you so you will notice me.
  18. Wanna travel with you.
  19. I get jealous easily.
  20. I got you.


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