You must be protected at all cost. You don’t deserve the pain that she gave you. You know what, I’m happy when you said that you’ve moved on already. I was really happy about that. Yes, I’ll be sweet for now. Wala muna laitan at murahan ah? 😂

ー I guess I was wrong.
Joke lang na walang murahan hahaha.

Anyways, I hope you’re doing fine. Take care of yourself, I’m not there to take care of you. Charot. 

Alam mo ba na hindi ko pinapansin yung mga nagkaka-gusto sa akin dahil umaasa ako na magugustuhan mo ako. Alam kong dadating yung araw na hindi na kita magugustuhan ーjoke hindi mangyayari iyon. Hindi pa rin ako makapaniwala na kras mo ako hahahaha. Sorry kung lagi kita kinukulit. 😭 Wala eh, ginayuma mo ako. joke.

Namimiss mo din kaya ako? *emoji na nagiisip*

Nasungitan ko tuloy yung mga kumakausap sa akin kahapon. Ikaw kasi. Nyemas.

Yah. I will wait for you no matter what happen. Kahit dumating pa yung oras na ipagtulakan mo ‘ko palayo.
I love and hate you at the same time. Kung alam mo lang. Hahaha.

Hindi ka naman kasi masasaktan kung magmamahal ka ng tamang tao. In other words, hindi ka masasaktan kung mamahalin mo ko. 



How do you un-love someone? Someone who is obviously not right for you and committed to somebody else. Loved you and left you twice. How?

“How do I stop loving someone?”

“How do I un-love someone?”

These are the common questions I get asked. If the love is real and it is strong enough to cause you turmoil, then you simply can’t stop loving someone because we do not have on and off switch that way. We don’t transfer love from one person to the next the way we turn over an hourglass. Freud said, “We are never so defenseless against suffering, as when we love,” and that is the price of loving. You can’t erase it, rewind it, or suck out all we’ve invested in one person and spit it out. The only way I know how to ease the ache of loving someone who is wrong for you, who has wronged you and offended you, is to love yourself. I know it’s a dumb cliche, but it’s also underrated. Why is this person deserving of your love when they can’t return it? Why do they get to receive your devotion when they can’t give you the same? As the giver of love, why don’t you deserve the same devotion, forgiveness, and reciprocation from yourself? If you give yourself all the time, care and attention, and actually get used to it, you’ll find that you won’t let anyone else treat you less than how you treat yourself. Stop being the understudy, the second fiddle, the alternate lover when things are going wrong with #1.

You’re the main event. With you, he or she will get all they ever need and want and shouldn’t needanything more. If you are not enough, and if they do not see your worth and the kind of life you can give them, they sinply aren’t the one for you and they deserve to stay where they are. Think more highly of yourself, not just in love, but in all things. Demand no less than full disclosure and proof that he/she is free of other commitments. It’s true, there are no guarantees that someone will not hurt you again. There is also saying that goes, “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.” At a certain point we need to take responsibility for our misfortunes and recognize how we’ve allowed ourselves to be treated, and ask ourselves why we allow it. I’m a believer that if you make yourself #1, others will follow suit. They will see that there is no space in your life for someone isn’t all in. Take all your chips back from the table. From this point, you’re the dealer. If someone shows you the wrong set of cards, they’re busted. You don’t keep giving them cards. Capice?

Me as your girlfriend

I know I’m too young to write this but I want to see what I wrote when I grew up. And of course I’ll be here laughing at my own blog.

  1. You don’t have to take me anywhere fancy for like dates and stuff, because I like staying home and watching movies on my laptop.
  2. Any genre movies all the time.
  3. I am weird when I get comfortable with you.
  4. I love telling jokes and when I joke, I’ll probably the one laughing at my own joke.
  5. I will try to learn and like whatever you love or doing.
  6. I am loyal. I’ll give you my all which I’ll probably regret in the end but I won’t think about it in the moment because I will think it’s worth it but it is actually not and you will prove me wrong in the end.
  7. You’ll get to hang out with my awesome friends. Yay.
  8. You’ll get to meet my awesome clan of the family and for a while it might be awkward but afterwards, I guarantee, you will be treated like family  as much as possible.
  9. I will send you random (and ugly, mind you) selfies whenever I feel it, so get ready to be bombarded.
  10. I will give anything you need.
  11. I’ll imitate you so you’ll be annoyed.
  12. I will be completely honest and straight-forward with you and tell you everything.
  13. I will surprise you all the time if I’m not lazy.
  14. If I am lazy, you can be lazy too, so we’ll be lazy together.
  15. I’m sweet.
  16. I will dance and sing out of nowhere.
  17. If you’re busy I’ll make lambing to you so you will notice me.
  18. Wanna travel with you.
  19. I get jealous easily.
  20. I got you.

July 8 

8:48 PM

“Boy, 😂😂 Di ko alam sasabihin ko. Hahaha. Thank you? Kahit may mga hinala na ako na ikaw si S.A nagulat pa din ako. Akala ko aamin ka lang na “Oy ako si SA” ganon. Uh.. First time may gumawa sakin ng ganon kaya thank you boy. Haha. Di naman one sided eh. Crush din naman kita di ko naman sasabihin na love kasi may malalim talaga akong definition ng love eh. 😅 Tbh, kinikilig ako kay harris at alois. Siguro kung si Alois ay si Taehyung baka pumayag ako sa incest hahahaha. Thank you talaga boy kinilig ako hahaha. Sabi ng may pagnanasa ka sakin eh. 😅 Di talaga ako magaling sa ganto pfft. Basta lam mo na yon. Hahaha (ps; sinend ko din to sa messenger)”

That was the reply I got when he finally read it. I’m so happy. I can finally breathe hahaha. Thank you, girl. 
Sa mga sumuporta sa akin, salamat. Hahaha. Ilista ko pangalan nyo mga bes ha? 😂

Special thanks to:

-Twinnie/Ate Ji

-Ate Karla/insan

-Ate Jazelene

-Vince Cruz


-Sofia da buddha

-Heidi Joy