The only way to reach you back then was through the ink of my pen— we were worlds apart but I tried to find my way into your heart.

I teased you a lot. Acting like a noona. Denying my feelings.

I wrote poems, proses and letters but I think they don’t ever reached their destination before cause I think it was still a love unseen, that am still a friend. But no.

The prank I did change my mind. I have a space in your heart, don’t I? I asked in the back of my mind.

That is when I fell in love with you real hard.

I confessed, you did the same thing. Things happened. We do like each other.

You learned to love me. I’m thankful for that.

The past few days of not talking to each other made me paranoid. Over thinking sucks, I know. But it kept me up till midnight.

I complained, whined and sulked about it.

I left a note. You approached me.

We fought. We fought. We fought.

The last time we fought was 2016. It was similar to our fight back then. I don’t like putting an end to us. And even if you scattered thorns instead of roses, I’ll still be here, catching if only for you. I’ll love the mess. Oh, I am a mess, too.

Seriously. The reason why I’m not giving up on you is because maybe you’re just going through a tough situation at the moment or you’re just stress. But remember what I said? Okay you do remember? Remember that.

The best type of love is the love that builds you. A love that makes you want to be better and never discourage you. To sacrifice all odds for a better future. Those arguments are just challenges for the both of us though.

We’re all here by chance; made of stardust and sinful mouths. We’re all just hoping to make things fall in the right places. We’re all just unfinished masterpieces. We’re all made of atoms, just trying to fill up the universe’s emptiness.

And so far, you’re my favorite.

I, Dianne, your moon, will always be here telling you how precious you are and appreciated you are. Do your best everyday, buddy. I’m just right here.


Can’t breathe


There are nights when light sips between the cracks of your faults, reflecting flare through broken pieces.

And there are nights when these pieces are nothing but shards of glass in your throat, preventing you to breathe.

Oh, there you are.

I really liked the thought of having you next to me. That you are with me. Standing next to each other with a smile on our faces.

I love how you exceeded my expectations when it comes to having an partner. I had this checklist before, the checklist was about whenever I’m meeting you, that’s what I’m gonna do. On our first meeting, I checked some. Second, third, fourth and fifth. But I’m in love with our fifth meeting that is when we held each other’s hand.

As your partner, I can say that you are, you’re every bit of a dream come true.

And we got that love, the crazy kind.

Where we can be not just lovers but best friends. I realized that we’ve been through a lot now. If we get tired, we rest. Tired but never giving up on each other, hmm? I’m not going to let you go now. Not ever. 

Oh! I wanted to hold your hand so I kept on insisting to carry the plastic bag and said, “Give it to me so you could hold my hand.” Then there you looked at me, chuckling. I giggled. When I held your hand, I can’t stop smiling and I can feel your heartbeat. So I asked you if you were nervous. You grinned and laughed, clutching your chest. And there’s me, chuckling and giggling at the same time. Our heartbeats beat the same, baby. And you, are honestly, the most cutest human to ever exist.

I’m better than ever, more than joyous, and all of this happened, when we held each other’s hand.

The moment when my soul could say, “oh, there you are. I’ve been looking for you.”


Dear Ace York,

Today is your birthday. And it’s a special day because this is the day that you were born. I’m still grateful because you exist. Hihi. 

I met you and I knew you were the best thing that ever came to my life. I really wanted to get to know you better and develop our love as we both get to know each other.

If you ever tell me that you’re not good enough. And will convince me that you are good enough. I will love you in your Sunday best. And when you have completely lost your faith and you are at your worst. I will love you when everything is going right and even more when everything is not. I will love you with the intensity of a earthquake that shatters the richter scale. I will love you until the sun burns out and even then. I will search for your hand to hold in the dark. ‘Cause baby, those are what you deserve.

I chose that picture and cropped it because your smile is genuine. And I want you to see how you smiled when you were with me at that time. That’s basically it. I love you for who you are, who you stand for, I love every bit of you. I love how you smile, when you laughed when I said, “ako bahala” when we were inside your car because kuya pando wasn’t sure about the path that we will take, how you remind me when I do something you don’t like, and how you get jealous sometimes. I am in love with you and nothing will ever change that.

Remember that picture? HAHAHAHAHAHA. Tinawanan mo ‘ko nyan eh. Dati edit-edit lang ako ng picture natin tapos ngayon—HAHAHAHAHAHA.

Seryoso na. Tapos ngayon, meron na tayong picture. :’) kilig much. Hahaha. 

I am actually shy because I have nothing to give but this. Does it matter? I hope it doesn’t. 

I really adore your words— lahat ng binibitawan mo na salita. Kaya when I told you na, ‘ang papi mo’ it means, ang papi mo mag-salita kasi may paninindigan. Alam ko minsan mahirap, kahit anong sabihin ko, hindi mawawala pressure at mga problema mo. Pero huwag kang susuko kasi magiging maayos din ang lahat. Nandito lang ako, willing to stay and wait. Do your best everyday. Okay?

You know, “Mahal kita” is human. And I’d love to tell you na, sapat ka, kuntento ako sa’yo, hindi ka perpekto at tanggap kita. I am happy with you, Ace York. For me, that is divine. And I think, that is beautiful.

Love is enough. I think this is right if that love motivates you to do the right thing. If that love makes you happy. Because you motivate me to do better every single day and that makes me happy. Makes sense, right?

Ace York, you told me to take care of your heart, I can’t promise you that because we will be having our ups and downs but I can assure you that I’ll try my best to take care of it so please take care of mine, too, hm?

Ayaw ko na masyadong pahabain baka sabihin mo na naman nakatulog ka nga sa haba. :3 Don’t forget what I’m saying, okay? Okay! I couldn’t wait to see you, hold you close and hold your hand in the future! 

Happiest birthday to the man I’ve always dreamt and wanted! I love you. Enjoy your day ahead~ See you on 27.

{Photo compilation of us}

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{100 songs for you}

Kung may 100 na tula para kay Stella. Ako naman 100 na kanta para sa’yo. Pakinggan mo isa-isa. The song reminds me of you. 😀

1. Heart like yours by Willamette Stone

2. Meant to be by Bebe Rexha

3. You are mine by Spencer Combs

4. ‎Gorgeous by Taylor Swift

5. ‎Lights down low by Max

6. ‎Smile by FRND

7. A different way by Lauv

8. ‎Take my hand by Emily 

9. Perfect by Ed Sheeran

10. Sure thing by Miguel

11. ‎Still fallin’ by Hunter Hayes

12. Statue by Lil Eddie

13. Be my forever by Christina Perri

14. First love by lost kings

15. ‎I like me better by Lauv

16. ‎Right here by Chris brown

17. ‎Like you by Tatiana Manaois

18. ‎Mine by Tatiana Manaois

19. ‎Home to mama by Justin Bieber

20. ‎Little things by One direction

21. ‎Beauty sings by Tatiana Manaois

22. Wala nang kulang pa by Moira

23. ‎Count on me by Bruno Mars

24. Ours by Taylor Swift

25. O pag-ibig by Ylona and Bailey

26. Simula pa nung una by Patch Quiwa

27. With a smile by Eraserheads

28. Sayo by Silent Sanctuary

29. Ü smile by Justin Bieber

30. Helplessly by Tatiana Manaois

31. Perfect stranger by Jonas Blue

32. Kay tagal by Mark Carpio

33. Be there by Tatiana Manaois

34. 2U by Justin Bieber

35. No distance by Jason Chen

36. ‎We could happen by Aj Rafael

37. Be alright by Justin Bieber

38. Unexpectedly by Jason Chen

39. Call it what you want by Taylor Swift

40. Thousand years by Christina Perri

41. Balisong by The Juans

42. Endlessly by The Cab

43. I wouldn’t mind by He Is We

44. ‎All I ever need by Austin Mahone

45. ‎Crazier by Taylor Swift

46. ‎Can I have this dance? By Zac Efron and Vannessa Hudgens

47. Best thing by Anthem Lights

48. Song like you by Bea Miller

49. Say hi by Codeko

50. Perfect mess by Steve Void

51. Me & You by KVMO

52. Paris in the rain by Lauv

53. ‎Hearts by Gill Chang

54. ‎I want you by Robotaki & Manila Killa

55. ‎All good by Capital Kings

56. ‎Always by Andy Grammer

57. I’m yours by Jason Mraz

58. ‎Superhuman by Slander

59. Seamless by Sabrina Carpenter

60. Is it possible by Arcando

61. ‎Why by Sabrina Carpenter

62. ‎Good thing by Tritonal

63. ‎Tie dye eyes by Trove

64. ‎Sleepy eyes by Elohim & Whethan

65. ‎Alive by XYLØ

66. ‎Safe and sound by Taylor Swift

67. ‎All of me by John Legend

68. ‎Say you won’t let go by James Arthur

69. ‎Thinking out loud by Ed Sheeran

70. ‎Can’t help falling in love with you by Haley Reinhart

71. ‎Distance by Christina Perri

72. ‎Time of our lives by James Blunt

73. ‎I will by Citizen way

74. ‎Purpose by Justin Bieber

75. ‎Paper hearts by Tori Kelly

76. ‎Kita na kita by Moira Dela Torre

77. Sad song by We The Kings

78. Perfect two by Auburn

79. Long distance by Bruno Mars

80. ‎Next to you by Chris Brown

81. ‎Don’t matter by Akon

82. ‎Sundo by Moira Dela Torre

83. ‎King of hearts by Taylor Swift

84. ‎I was made for loving you by Tori Kelly

85. ‎Grow old with you by Adam Sandler

86. ‎Your song by Parokya Ni Edgar

87. ‎More than words by Extreme

88. ‎Nandyan by Joyselle & Carlo

89. ‎You’re still the one by Shania Twain

90. ‎Stereo hearts by Radio Static

91. ‎Ang huling el bimbo by Eraserheads

92. ‎Into you by Ariana Grande

93. ‎Tenerife Sea by Ed Sheeran

94. ‎Now by MYMP

95. ‎Miss you by Ed Sheeran

96. ‎Just hold on by Steve Aoki

97. ‎All of the stars by Ed Sheeran

98. ‎Location by Khalid

99. ‎Best friend by Jason Mraz

100. ‎The one by Kodaline


You love words, I love notes.

You love poems and books, I love instruments and music too.

Both of us love art differently.

But it will never be the reason to forget you that easy. 

You create stories.

I create songs.

But let me be the girl that you see in your story and you will be the guy I am singing for all along.

Our differences does not matter,

As long as we are happy together.

Both of us is a form of art,

An art that I know that will last forever.