Sukat at Tugma

Kung ganap nga akong makata, at ikaw ang sinta kong tula: Wala kang sukat, walang katulad. Ituturing na malayang-malaya. Sa mundong magkakatunog  ang mga salita: Ikaw at ako lang ang tanging magtutugma. Advertisements

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Oh, there you are.

I really liked the thought of having you next to me. That you are with me. Standing next to each other with a smile on our faces. I love how you exceeded my expectations when it comes to having an partner. I had this checklist before, the checklist was about whenever I’m meeting you, that’s […]

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Dear Ace York, Today is your birthday. And it’s a special day because this is the day that you were born. I’m still grateful because you exist. Hihi.  I met you and I knew you were the best thing that ever came to my life. I really wanted to get to know you better and […]

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You love words, I love notes. You love poems and books, I love instruments and music too. Both of us love art differently. But it will never be the reason to forget you that easy.  You create stories. I create songs. But let me be the girl that you see in your story and you […]

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Love is patient but I can’t wait to hold your hand, walk with you, lay down as we watch the stars, and drown― with the feeling of love.

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Self Worth

Self worth. I want the peers today to always remind themselves their worth as a person. That what you give is an extension of who you are and if they don’t appreciate it then you don’t let your emotions talk to you. No one should be an exception except the ones who reach out to […]

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I Wonder

Everytime I look at you, I wonder how could I be so lucky to be with an angel when I was so sure I’m in a living hell.

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I feel like a part of my soul has loved you since the beginning of everything. I was thinking that maybe we are from the same star. Or maybe not? Because when I am looking at the stars, love, I am looking at you. I miss you, ace.

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They don’t care about you. They don’t care if it hurts. They care about you. They care that it hurts. They don’t care if you’re bleeding. They don’t care about your worth. They care if you’re bleeding. They care about your worth.  They don’t care if you almost cry. They don’t see your tears. They worry […]

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